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International Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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  1. -Gori S*, Mascheretti S*, Giora E, Ronconi L, Ruffino M, Quadrelli E, Facoetti A, Marino C [in press] The DCDC2 intron 2 deletion impairs illusory motion perception unveiling the selective role of magnocellular-dorsal stream in reading (dis)ability. Cerebral Cortex. * = equal contribution authors, co-first-authorship.

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    (Supplementary Information

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International Book Chapters

  1. -Simone Gori. The Rotating Tilted Lines Illusion: rotation instead of expansion, a peculiar case of motion misperception [Invited Book Chapter] In A. Shapiro & D. Todorovic (Eds.), The Oxford Compendium of Visual Illusions, Oxford University Press. [in press]

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National Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

-Simone Gori, Enrico Giora, Tiziano Agostini (2008) 'Percept-percept coupling' in a case of llusory brightness variation: some phenomenological considerations. Teorie & Modelli (special English edition) 13 185-194

National Peer Reviewed Book Chapters

  1. -Sandro Franceschini, Simone Gori (2011) Segnale luminoso e illusioni ottiche. In G. Carella, L. Cerulli, G. Simonetti (Ed.) La Via Ottica dalle Origini alla Contemporaneita'. (pp. 405-411) S.O.I. (Societa' Oftalmologica Italiana). Reg. San Giovanni, Canelli (AT), Italy: Fabiano Editore. 2011.